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National Joint Registry Data

The Government has recently requested the publication of Surgeons' mortality rates for the procedures that they perform.

This information has been published on the NHS Choices website.

In Orthopaedics the mortality rates for patients undergoing hip and knee replacements have been published by the National Joint Registry (NJR).

As the vast majority of hip and knee replacements are elective (non-emergency) procedures, it is not surprising that the mortality rates are extremely low for all surgeons.

What the figures do show are the actual number of hip and knee replacements that individual surgeons are performing each year.

The published figures clearly show that I perform far more Knee replacements (total, unicompartmental and revision) than any other Surgeon at the Fitzwilliam Hospital, Peterborough City Hospital and in the Region.

The data can be found by clicking this link http://njrsurgeonhospitalprofile.org.uk and can be searched by individual surgeon or hospital.

National Joint Registry