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Ollie Moore

I am Ollie Moore, a pro Wakeskater, currently ranked 2nd place in world cable riding and British & European boat riding champion.

Back in February 2010 during training out in Orlando Florida I had a crash causing my meniscus to be torn badly in my left knee. I underwent surgery whilst I was in Florida and had my meniscus repaired.

I waited for my knee to heal and then got back to competing for the 2010 season.

In 2011 I twisted my knee a few times through the year including a very bad one in December, just before I went back out to Florida so I had another MRI scan done on my knee in Florida to see what damage had been done.

The scan revealed some scar tissue and it was several months before I was able to get back on the water and throughout 2012 my knee was inflamed and sore.

Back home my Father had met Mr Hartley who in September 2011 re-built my Father's knee with new ligaments and did a great job as my Father had been in pain for several years after previous surgery back in the 80's had gradually failed and was needing further repair. The rebuild on his right knee was a great success. We then approached Mr Hartley and asked if he would take a look at my knee.

Mr Hartley took a look at my knee and we decided on a key hole operation at the end of the year when all my competitions were finished.

During the operation Mr. Hartley made me feel at ease, he is a great character and expert surgeon. He corrected the displacement of my meniscus, and sutured the damaged area.

I was 8 weeks on crutches and then had physiotherapy rehabilitation with Jackie Knox at the Barn House physiotherapy, who helped get me to regain strength and get back on the water ready for the start of my season.

I am now back to full fitness and feeling stronger with my riding.

I owe a great deal to the skills of Mr Richard Hartley.

Thank you!
Ollie Moore